Why Mike Monk Mentoring.

What can a Business Mentor do for your business…

Being at the helm of your own enterprise can be daunting. You can feel isolated and, at times, you may struggle to cope with stress. We can help you deal with this by talking through the issues that are concerning you about your business.

You are not alone. Even the most successful people in business need a helping hand from time to time. As professional mentors, we provide a calming influence and help you plot a course that will assist you in achieving the results you desire.


As a small, independent business, and fairly new to the world of large business deals, we started working together with Michael Monk about 6 months ago now. I don’t think I can overstate the difference it has made to our business to have him on board. We learned so much in such a short time and gained so much from taking his advise and guidance.

 Our small business has gone from strength to strength with his help, the growth we have seen was amazing. We have closed off our second year of trading with a very good end result and much hope for the future. Despite the pandemic and all it involves, Michael has always been there for us to answer any questions, be that via email, calls or Zoom meetings. And best of all : he gets things done !

Taking on the services of Mike Monk Mentoring is definitely the best thing we could have done for our business so far. We look forward to many more years of working together and building an ever growing business.


Sincerely, Linda and Peter Deeprose of Develdas Luxury Chocolates

Having known Mike for quite a few years now, I have always been impressed with his professional approach and business style. His years of business experience and knowledge is invaluable to anyone that engages and works with him. He is straight talking and genuinely wants to help businesses to develop and grow.

Rebecca Holloway
Alkira Virtual PA Services

“Mike was really supportive and a great listener. It was really useful to chat through my ideas and draw upon the wealth of Mike’s knowledge and experience. I was able to talk through
my business challenges and Mike provided me with some great networking opportunities as well as discussing my next steps. Thank you for your time, it was most helpful. I would highly recommend this session to any businesses needing support and guidance.”


If you want to achieve more of your goals, never feel alone and have the support you need to move forward with confidence, contact us.