About You.

As an experienced business mentor, I know how challenging it can be to run your own business. Being the captain of your own ship is both liberating and at times, well – it’s a bit stressful. With over 30 years’ experience, I know this much is true: It’s a bit tough out there. Or, it can be.

Are you multi-skilled in business?

To be successful you need more than one ability. You can’t just be good at what you
do. What do I mean by this? It’s simple: for success in business, you need a whole
raft of skills. A sort of A to Z span of competencies that empower you to:

Yes, it’s a long list.

The unfortunate fact is that if you don’t actually sell anything your business is likely to fail. Harsh, but true I’m afraid.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is ultimately how and where I can help.

Sales, marketing, networking and how to franchise a business are my areas of speciality. Read more about my business mentoring services, then do get in touch for an initial, free-of-charge consultation.

In the meantime, do you recognise yourself anywhere on this page?

Is this you?
You’ve been running your business for about 3 years. You don’t have a business development strategy, or a marketing plan. Despite this, things are going well – sort of – but your turnover and profits aren’t as healthy as they could be.

Your customer base is through referrals only, but these leads are in an ever- decreasing circle. You lack the confidence to develop your existing client spend, and finding new prospects is almost impossible.

You know you work hard. But are you working smart?

Or, Is THIS you?

You’re new in business. Having been employed, you’re now self-employed. You are in charge. Just you. It’s exciting, yet daunting. And now, how on earth do you get customers? Perhaps you’re not sure what your demographic is. You do have one, you know.

Can anyone help you?

Or Maybe…

…you have an idea that could be franchised. You know there’s a lot of work involved but you’re not sure where to start.

As your business mentor, I can offer you all the advice, support and guidance you need to help you unpack all of the above. Together, we can devise strategies that really work, and that help you reach your busines and life goals.


As a small, independent business, and fairly new to the world of large business deals, we started working together with Michael Monk about 6 months ago now. I don’t think I can overstate the difference it has made to our business to have him on board. We learned so much in such a short time and gained so much from taking his advise and guidance.

 Our small business has gone from strength to strength with his help, the growth we have seen was amazing. We have closed off our second year of trading with a very good end result and much hope for the future. Despite the pandemic and all it involves, Michael has always been there for us to answer any questions, be that via email, calls or Zoom meetings. And best of all : he gets things done !

Taking on the services of Mike Monk Mentoring is definitely the best thing we could have done for our business so far. We look forward to many more years of working together and building an ever growing business.

Sincerely, Linda and Peter Deeprose of Develdas Luxury Chocolates

Having known Mike for quite a few years now, I have always been impressed with his professional approach and business style. His years of business experience and knowledge is invaluable to anyone that engages and works with him. He is straight talking and genuinely wants to help businesses to develop and grow.


Rebecca Holloway
Alkira Virtual PA Services

How’s business? With Mike Monk Mentoring, the next time someone asks, you’ll know the answer, won’t you?