Grow Your Business Quickly

Franchising your business is one of the quickest – and most lucrative – ways to grow a brand. Whether you want to expand a start-up, grow an established brand or simply bring a brand-new concept to the market, we can help.

While often profitable, franchising can be complex to achieve. It requires a firm understanding of business law to avoid common pitfalls.

In addition to providing trusted legal advice, Mike Monk Mentoring helps with:

Brand image

Franchise systems



Quality control


Starting a franchise from scratch can be exciting but daunting. Having an expert on board from the very beginning will greatly enhance your chances of success.

Our franchise mentoring and coaching packages are designed to help those from any sector, including B2B, hospitality and service industries. We will help you identify opportunities and develop robust, standardised systems that will be attractive to franchisees.

We will ensure you develop a consistent approach to every aspect of your brand, so that it brings something unique to both the market and investors.

If you have got a great business concept contact us for more information or book a FREE one-hour consultation.